Goodbye Blue Monday

Just finished work on a music video. Based on movement, I chose these video clips, (which I use during VJ sets) to represent a retrospective journey through life. The movie clips have been heavily manipulate to create a more dreamlike surreal effect. I used trapcode form to create a double layer that slowly fluctuates with … Continue reading

adventures in light entertainment

Secret Garden Party

SGP Droste Pixel Blender

Last summer I played at the Secret Garden Party in the Center Camp. Short set and surrounded by loads of equipment I had no idea how to use. However got to show some of my stuff to a happy and receptive crowd. I used pixel blender to create a lot of the content for the … Continue reading

Adventures in Form

adventures in form 02

Experimenting in form and shape. Based on a simple sphere and powered by an audio track, this animation is a look at how trapcode’s form, can create graceful and elegant movement.

Generative art

generative art 01

A selection from a series of pieces, using a combination of actionscript and photoshop. This final image show the initial shape, which is then captured to create the more completed pieces show above. Every time I run the program, a new and unique image is created, leaving infinite outcomes.

Welcome to the wonderful world of light entertainment.

Dancing Lovers Stills

Over the next few weeks I will start to fill this site with more than just this. however in the meantime, just sit back relax and take a deep breath.