Andante Con Moto

Latest in a series of animation based around sound and motion. The piece was inspired by a tutorial posted up on the web, which I can’t for the life of me find. When I find a link, I will post here: Basically this animation uses a few of Trapcode’s plug-ins and a few expressions that … Continue reading

Lizard in a Glass Tube

I was trying out a tutorial by Andrew Kramer called Galactic Orb, and decided to extend it a bit with some of my new found VJ footage. This is just a bit of fun rather than a full blown animation, but it’s nice to mix footage with after effects. It was also good to use … Continue reading

multiply by cos & sin

generated art piece 07

I’ve been interested in generative art for some time and have been playing around with little bits of code which I found. I do not profess to being an actionscripter, more of a weekend warrior or a tinker under the hood kind of guy. However I have been using these images in much wider forms … Continue reading


This animation is entitled Nucleosynthesis because I was thinking of atoms, as you do and the process of how they are formed, creating new atomic nuclei from pre-existing protons and neutrons. Or in other words, the birth of stars. I used a few different tricks to get to the final render. Firstly I used an … Continue reading


treeson animation still, with mouse movement overlay.

Recently finished an animation that was inspired by the news that the government was trying to sell of ancient woodlands and forest to private developers, rich land owners or anyone who would pay premium prices for our land. I found this outrageous and kind of typified what this government is about. Good news was that … Continue reading

Being Social

A while back I came across an infographic by digitalsurgeons showing a breakdown of 2010 facebook v’s twitter social demographics. I wondered how much of a social whore I was becoming so I included my own details on top of facebook. I wasn’t prepared to do the same with twitter due to possible shame and … Continue reading

Smoke illustrations

Smoke Angel

Some recent experiments have lead me to develop a technique of drawing with smoke. In essence it is a really simple procedure, find image, trace using smoke layers. Creating the smoke layers is really a matter of using the distort filters in photoshop and building up a “smoke screen”. Make a few variations of this … Continue reading

Bedroom VJ sessions

I released a series of videos which were an insight to where my live VJ sets were going. Each video was a slightly more planned version of what my usual improvised live set were about. Although I had time to rehearse each song and edit slightly to create a finished video, the live aspect was … Continue reading