Recently finished an animation that was inspired by the news that the government was trying to sell of ancient woodlands and forest to private developers, rich land owners or anyone who would pay premium prices for our land. I found this outrageous and kind of typified what this government is about. Good news was that I wasn’t the only person to find this sickening and the government backtracked on their policy. Turns out this was the third failed attempt by the Torries to do this.

I sent this animation to the Woodland trust to see what they thought, and to my surprise, they had already seen it, liked it and want me to do more. So hopefully there will be a follow up animation in a few weeks.

treeson animation still, with mouse movement overlay.

This image was an early screen grab of the animation. I was also recording mouse movement as I was working on it, which I’ve overlaid on top of the image. Not for any particular reason apart from I liked how it looked.


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