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This animation was inspired by the first ever views of the earth from space.Yuri Gagarin’s was the first human being to journey into outer space, when his Vostok spacecraft completed an orbit of the Earth on April 12, 1961. What fascinated me most was his quote:
“I looked and I looked, but I didn’t see God.”

To mark the 50th anniversary of this epic journey, the International Space Station filmed an orbit of Earth entitled First Orbit, and combined original flight footage and audio taken by Gagarin.

I layered some of this footage with some experimental shapes I made using Trapcode Form, which I use for backgrounds whilst VJing. I also combined some textured backgrounds and abstract shapes created using JT Nimoys “Pinch” 2008

Finally I wanted to create an abstract audio track to accompany this piece. Andre Michelle sprung to mind. I saw him at Flash on the Beach 2009 and loved his audio tools. I used tonematrix to create the track. The beauty of tonematrix is there are infinite combinations and you can be structured or random. I chose to be chaotic and random (yet still structured within a 4bar loop) which tied in with JT Nimoys “Pinch” overlays.
Here is a link to Andre Michelle’s amazing Tonematrix

tonematrix and pinch

trapcode form


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