The Rollright Fayre

Rollright Fayre 2011

The Rollright Fayre was started in 2010 by a group of friends and like minded individuals who wanted to gather and celebrate together with music, performance and other such merriment. Set within the enchanting environs of the Rollright Stones, on the Oxfordshire-Warwickshire border, the Rollright Fayre is an intimate, miniature festival packed with fantastic live … Continue reading

Alcotraz Interactive Circles

A little something I’ve been working on for a while. This was on my original flash website published in 2002. It evolved from scraps of a project that were never used, which is nice as I have had so much use from it. I dug it out from my old computer last year and have … Continue reading

Substance Showreel 2010

Substance Showreel

This is the showreel I built for Substance001 to highlight some of our recent work. I based the concept around floating and revolving panels to get away from a linear presentation style. There was a lot of time remapping going on in order to get as much in as possible. It’s amazing to see how … Continue reading