Rise of the Monkey

I got it into my head years ago that I wanted to create some of my own VJ clips. There is nothing worse than relying on other peoples work, especially since when I started everything I did was original. As I changed to using the NUVJ system and could really start using video clips so I had to start filming. I remembered loving wind up toys as a kid, especially drumming monkeys and anything musical. Since this was footage intended for Vjing, the more musical the better.
So I set about looking on ebay for drumming monkeys etc…
This went on for a few months with nothing coming up on the radar, I was scouring charity shops, toy shops and all sorts of car boots, but nothing. Then on a trip to Malta I came across this little fella. He was being sold for less than a quid, and everything I had seen before was more like £20. Armed with my new antique monkey (complete with box), I returned home and set about filming.

monkey portrait

The first few times I played this little guy out, I had a great response. He worked perfectly with most drum loops and added a bit of fun to the evening. It was time I extended the family.
The search continued online, in charity shops and now with the enlistment of a few friends. I soon adopted one stray monkey who was collecting dust in the office I was working in. Then I came across the twins.
monkey group

These guys were going for £20 on ebay, and I knew I’d have a fight on my hands to get them. Luckily I won the bid and they were soon on their way to my house to start a new and exciting life. When they arrived I couldn’t believe the size of them. The small photo on ebay didn’t do them justice and each stood at a foot in height. King Kongs.

monkey closeup

As time went on I evolved the footage, experimenting with all sorts of reincarnations. They are now almost a signature to my VJ sets.

monkey montage

From kaleidoscope backgrounds to warped lines.

dark monkey


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