Jersey VJ

It’s been a long time coming, something I’ve wanted to do since I started to VJ. Or more to the point, since I got good at Vjing. A home appearance at Jersey’s biggest music festival JerseyLive. I was invited to play by the two festival promoters who up until the day I met them had never heard of me, however I guessed they liked my VJ name.
Describing the reason behind my name Alcotraz to the two Warrens at least made them laugh. A cross between a quote by Oscar Wilde describing Jersey “90,000 alcoholics clinging to a rock”, and a fond feeling of how I feel about our fortress Island.

I was invited to play the SOBE stage and to be honest, didn’t have a clue what to expect. This lovely pringle shaped stage was run by a top notch crew who made me feel right at home. The projector was back lit so I was in no danger of blinding the bands during performances.

SOBE STAGE JerseyLive 2011

There were plenty of hi-lights for me including King Charles, Dry the River and french act Cabadzi not to mention Jersey’s very own mentalist The Tracys.

Another awesome act was The Lovely Eggs. Found this video on youTube and thought it deserves to be shared

The headline for Saturday night was Jamie Woon, I think mixing live video with washed out feedback and psychedelic visuals worked a treat. Still looking on youTube to see if anyone has posted anything.
NUVJ screen at JerseyLive

Hopefully I’ll be back for 2012.


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