Amon Tobin Fan Video

It’s a barely disguised fact that I think Amon Tobin is a bit of a legend. I’ve been hooked since the early days of Cujo, and seeing him perform recently was one of the most impressive spectacles I’ve ever witnessed.
So the chance to enter an animation into his “Fan Video Project” competition was something I couldn’t ignore.
Amon Tobin Fan Video Project

This animation isn’t something specifically for the competition, but it’s hard to turn down the chance to use one of his tracks and hopefully contribute to an artist I admire.

The animation is based around experiments I been doing with Trapcodes form, combining layers of pre-rendered shapes and then time remapping to music. The layers were created using the audio reactor to generate the basic movement. However I used snippets of sound and reassembled them without trying to match them up to the original score. I then time remapped the composition to suit the score so it became far more abstract, fine tuning the animation in places to iron out some kinks.
Trapcode Form

I’ve also played with the concept of shifting focal position as I’ve blurred and sharped areas of the composition as the music changes. The tutorial I used can be found here.
Spot Focus

soft focus


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