Disco Wallpaper

So it had to have started somewhere.
Returning to London after a 5 year absence, I meet up with friends who where doing what they were doing at College, putting on parties. My DJ skills never really blossomed so when I was asked to create some visuals for one of the nights, I jumped at it. Not having a job either meant I could spend a bit of time playing with some ideas. It started out as a series of strong typographic images, but soon developed into a series of looping animations. I created a flash based controller where I could jump between animations, change colour and ad overlays. Without even knowing it, I’d taken my first steps toward becoming a VJ, even though I didn’t even know it had a name at the time. It was Disco wallpaper, and I was loving it.
Zen Masters

alcotraz dancers
Publishing the flash file as a Projector file meant that I could simply use the arrow keys to move forwards and backwards on the timeline, well it worked on PC. When I borrowed a Mac one night I suddenly found it didn’t work. Ooopps. I also hadn’t worked out at that time how to hid the pointer, so everyone got to see my mouse drag its sorry ass over my screen all night.

alcotraz dancers full screen
There were benefits to using keys to jump from frame to frame. It meant I could beat mix easily to any style of music. And since the animations always reset, you could get some nice rhythms.

Zen masters 2
Ah, fresh vectors.

disco wallpaper with overlay
Question: How many times can you use the same movieclip?
Answer: As many as you fucking well want.

alcotraz bee

channel tester

Zen Masters 3

face furniture

Vector McCombe
This is a rota-scope of my old flatmate. I was very pissed at the time so the edges where far from defined.

Disco wallpaper 2


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