reel 2 real

I’ve recently been working on our company showreel and as usual I’ve been trying something different. This time I base it on a pivotal camera rig with Trapcode’s Horizon as the background. This did however cause all sorts of headaches with camera angles, lights and positions. Since the camera was constantly moving around a central pivot, it meant any sort of lighting and shadow casting was too unpredictable. Attaching the light to camera was also tricky since it was using expressions. The combination of a camera rig and Horizon also meant my depth of field had to be really tight, which had a knock on effect when positioning the work.

star wars - creative

star wars - social media

sherlock holmes creative


boardwalk empire creative

x-men creative

Section of the wall. The actual size of the image used for the Horizon was massive, however I reduced the tilt angle of the camera to reduce this. The original wall was going to built up of hundreds of video clips playing relevant clips from the movies being showcased. Render time would have stretch to weeks, and my computer would most like have blown up trying.

Inevitably editing and moving element around became increasingly harder as the reel progressed, meaning that small changes became big jobs as any slight movement on the timeline meant a knock on effect with the position of the camera and the next elements in the sequence. All in all I think I’ll chalk this one off as a bit of a learning curve, and a real headache.


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