The Bouncing Bussey

One of Peckham’s little treasures is this huge warehouse hidden down an alley. Like most places in Peckham, you don’t tend to walk down dark alleys unless you know what to expect the other side. The beauty of this paradox is that you never know what to expect on the other side. Everyone is welcome and there is no house style. Hip-Hop, Gyp-Hop, Dub, Funk, Roots, Rock, Reggae, Jungle, House, Lo-Fi, Ska, all welcome at the bar.

Bussey Building Graffiti Peckham

Anyway, living round the corner from this extraordinary place means I have no excuse to not VJ every now and then. It’s good to get out and try new stuff, especially when the music being performed is so good. Which leads me nicely onto the point of this post. I was lucky enough to VJ for two awesome people at the weekend, three if you include Mickey “Jazz Head Cronic”. The first guy was Mark de Clive-Lowe, a devastating live performer, who live re-mixed and warped impromptu, using drum machines, keyboards and effects. The end result: live remixes birthed on stage for each and every gig from scratch.

Bussey Building flyer

MdCL performing at the Bussey Building.

The second guy C.O.N.E (Raoul Guillermo)
An awesome setup and some seriously nice tunes. Making the Bussey bounce.





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