Jersey Live 2012 (Party on the Rock)

I was recently asked to return to Jersey for the 9th Jersey Live festival. It was a promotion from the previous years New Band Stage (Sobe Stage) to the dance arena, where the atmosphere was guaranteed to be mental from the first act to the last. The set up was amazing and the production crew were seasoned experts, however they all insisted the JerseyLive dance tent was one of the more crazy venues they did. I was using a 52 panel LED screen rather than projecting so this was the first time I’d got to use kit like this, and what it lacked in resolution, it most defiantly made up for in strength. Not to mention looking awesome.

My set up.

LED screen

Lighting rig

The lighting rig for the dance arena was slowly hoisted into place the night before the festival started, and as I walked around this dark cold space I soon realised how big it was.

The dance arena Jersey Live 2012

So Saturday comes and it’s the first day of the festival, I’ve arrived on site, and am calmly walking around, waiting to set up and start for 3:00pm. Im in the production booth, getting my equipment set up then panic strikes. The VGA adaptor for my mac is nowhere to be found. I mean fucking nowhere. I’m racing through my mind trying to remember if I packed it in London. It then dawns on me that the only place it could be is the Secret Garden Party. So I tell the production company, and they said they had a spare. Legend….
Not quite, they did have a spare, however it was for a modern mac. my machines 5 years old and has a different port. So Im panicking now. Only one thing to do, call my mum, get a lift into town and buy one. It took three different shops and 5 useless shop staff to finally locate this adaptor. Job done, now all I had to do was get up to Trinity and pray it worked. Made it with 5 minutes to spare. So I guess the point of this is ALWAYS CHECK YOUR KIT!

NUVJ at JerseyLIve

Jaymo and Andy George - Jersey LIve 2012

LED screen with lights

alcotraz VJ

I used a lot of my own animations during my 15hour stint at Jersey Live. The one above is a still from my Amon Tobin video.

B.traits at Jersey Live 2012

This animation was built for the Secret Garden Party as part of my AV set.

Image from AV set

alcotraz at Jersey Live

The dj’s I play with at Jersey Live were:
Saturday – Andrew Wicks, Thomas Gandey, Logo, Jaymo & Andy George, Jaguar Skills (Provided his own loop), HervĂ©, James Zabiela.
Sunday – Schema, Fuzzbox Inc, B.Traits, Delta Heavy, Feed Me (Provided there own loop), DJ Hype and IC3

DJ Hype at Jersey Live 2012

When I say DJ you say HYPE.


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