Teenage Riot to Sierre

The power of the internet and social media is truly amazing. Let me explain.
A few days back I heard that a musician I had VJ’ed for was playing in Peckham. That morning I tweeted that it would be great to do it again but the likelihood was that I was not even going to make it to the gig. As the evening panned out I convinced my partner to come to the Bussey Building in Peckham to watch this guy. As we approached the building we were surrounded by hundreds of kids roaming the streets and police everywhere. There was a party going on in the same building that had gone viral on facebook. Every underaged kid in South London had come down thinking that it was an underage gig (Or thinking they could get served) The power of the internet? yeah, that was pretty powerful, but the story isn’t finished.
The party had been closed by the police and the building was locked down. No one in and anyone leaving couldn’t get back in. Well I say anyone, but I managed to get in with my girlfriend and head upstairs for a drink. Whilst we were sat upstairs reflecting how bonkers the situation was downstairs I saw the artist come in. I thought I’d say hello and see what he thought of the whole affair. The gig was cancelled and he said he was off to Switzerland in the morning. He then said the VJ had pulled out and asked if I wanted to go. I laughed and walked back to my seat to tell my girlfriend. The response I got was not what I was expecting, she encouraged me to go back and speak to this guy and find out what the score was. Turns out the promoter in Switzerland had seen my tweet and had asked the musician (Mark de Clive-Lowe) if he had my details. Mark gave me this guys twitter name and said if I wanted to travel to Switzerland, I should get in touch.
Now I hadn’t checked my twitter feed all day and was amazed to find that this random person had been messaging me, asking if I wanted to play in his club. Within 10 minutes of contact, he’d book my flight and organised my accommodation and travel.
So a random tweet and a teenage riot had sent me on my way to Switzerland. Shame it only gave me enough time to have 2 hours sleep.
Swiss Apls
The journey to Sierre from Geneva was incredible. The views were stunning, and when I got excited at seeing my first mountain appear from the thick mist, Christophe (Promoter)laughed and said it nothing, we were pre-Alps. Then I got a glimpse of a mountain behind the mountain I was looking at. I was starting to get the picture, then it started pissing down.

Hacienda Club Sierre, Switzerland
Setting up in the Hacienda.

Mark De Clive-Lowe and Alcotraz
Live on stage with Mark de Clive-Lowe. Hot, sweaty and bouncing.

Live set
iSight camera in beer glass + Musician = Nice live visuals. I used a heavy threshold setting that I could change the perimeters to the beat. The beer glass gave the camera a bit of stability and when I needed to it also work really well as a slider. The second camera had some twirl feedback which I tweaked as he played. Third camera was split colour.

DJ Set

It was a great little venue, run by a group of volunteers who were all very chilled and nice to hang out with. The night was called Fun & Floor and has been running for 6 years (I think). There is another twist to this story but I’ll save it for another day.

screen images

One Response to “Teenage Riot to Sierre”
  1. Collin says:

    Yeah I was there at the hacienda. You did amazing visuals man, good job!!

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