Liberation Jersey

In the heart of Liberation Square, Jersey, there is a statue to commemorate the Liberation of the island from the Nazi’s. I chose this as the starting point for this digital painting as it represents so much to the Island. Also having already done a piece on the battle of Jersey I thought I’d keep the theme going. After all this is just me mucking around in photoshop playing with brushes and pretending to be a real artist.

Liberation Square, Jersey - Digital Painting

The sky texture is a mix of many things, from doodles I made years ago to using Trapcode’s Mir to create the triangulated forms.

Liberation Square, Jersey - Detail

Using a variety of brushes I repainted the characters, the original photograph source is not layered at the bottom of all this. Each layer has been painted, smudged, nudged and licked into shape.

Liberation Square, Jersey - Detail

I remapped a union jack onto the flag after creating the shape, then bled it back to nothing.

Liberation Square, Jersey - Detail

Below is part of the background texture. I drew this with wax crayons and masking tape in a sketch book whist doing foundation at Winchester School of Art. Guess I had to get something useful out foundation.

Union Jack on wax


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