Back to the Alps

Train to Sierre

So I didn’t do too bad a job the last time I was in Switzerland because I got asked back. This was a quick three day tour of Sierre and Lausanne, involving inflatable screens, old cinemas and the Hacienda. First up was Sierre, and the inflatable screen. Set in the heart of the town and facing some serious opposition from a strong westerly wind, we wrestled to get this huge inflatable beast up, and then keep it down. In the end I didn’t vj that night, which I guess was a good thing as it gave me a chance to meet the locals and watch my team get kicked out of the UEFA cup by a Swiss team. (Bassel beat Spur on penalties, deserving the win).

Next up was Lausanne, a beautiful town about an hour from Sierre. The venue was Le Bourg, an old converted cinema in the heart of an über trendy area. This bohemian hangout was the last remanence of the old street but it’s trendy neighbours wanted it closed and converted into more chic boutiques. I sincerely hope it holds out and stays as the great venue it is. Too many things these days are brushed to the side to make way for the consumerist machine.

Le Bourg, Lausanne Alcotraz vj set 01

Charlie Chaplin at Le Bourg with DJ Rkk

This old boy (Rémy / aka DJ Rkk) was an absolute legend. Half expected him to have a heart attack, but thankfully he just kept on going. On the morning before we set off to Lausanne we had to try and get his replacement medicine, since he left it behind. The pharmacy were having none of it, so we ended up getting him up and to the pharmacy to prove that the medicine was for him.

African Head

The venue organisers feed me and put me up for the night, and I had the day to chill and check out the sites. It was beautiful day, in fact the most sun I’d seen for months, so I made the most of it.

DJ Vince Vella @ the Haçienda

Sierre, Switzerland

If I ever make it, I want this house. Fair enough I’ll bulldoze the one in front! If you’re gonna go minimal, you got to go all the way.

Week-end au bord de l'eau

This is the flyer for the festival in the summer. Looking forward to playing with the Dorfmeister.


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