At the waters edge

Festival Weekend Au Bord de L’eau.

Invited back to play this wonderful boutique festival in Sierre Switzerland. Tucked away in the mountains and backing up onto a beautiful lake (Lake Geronde) this festival is a real treasure. Great lineup and welcoming friendly crew made this festival a high light of my summer.


My journey to the festival, although long, was good from the start. This time I was travelling with plenty of sleep the night before, and organised which is more that I can say for previous visits. Onboard the flight I met the compére and luckily we got on well, exchanging festival stories and general bullshit. Then a minivan to Sierre from Geneva with a french DJ and a band from South Africa. Everyone was on form and the two hour journey flew, especially since we we’re all at the same point in Breaking Bad. We’ll even if we weren’t, there were no spoilers.


OK, fast forward to the festival, otherwise I’ll be here forever writing this… First night I was able to chill and meet some old friend, meet new ones and sample the local schnapps. Finally got to the stage for the last act Theo Parish. I was sharing the VJ responsibilities with two local VJ’s Vincent + David.
Never done three way vjing before!
It all went pretty smooth, and we took turns mixing in our material, sometimes getting some pretty weird results. But in general not bad for a first attempt.


Second night I supported Mark De Clive Lowe and Richard Dorfmeister. Lovely clear skies and fresh feel to the air, which was needed as it had been torrential rain all day. More schnapps, food and nice joint backstage got me in a great mood. Quick mess around on a pedal-lo and it was time to play. Mark De Clive Lowe’s set was awesome as ever and the crowd were nice and responsive. I guess it could have been busier but the rain had put off a few.
You can check out the gig here:

MDCL @ Festival Au Bord De L’eau 2013

Then came the might Dorfmeister. Playing a great set with MC Raz Tweed keeping the crowd pumped. He was also keeping me busy as I had to roll one or two for him during the set. Storming set and I think I did myself proud, even got a few fans.
You can check out the gig here:

Richard Dorfmeister @ Festival Au Bord De L’eau 2013

alcotraz in Switzerland

Finally, I just have to recount the final day. I had 6 hours to kill before heading back to the airport and had nothing to do but chill at the festival. Bags were packed and the sun was out, infact it was a glorious day. The lake was calling my name, so I got into my board shorts (Came prepared) and went for a swim. It was while lying on my back in the middle of Lake Geronde that I remembered something my dad had said to me.

“Work hard and the Ski slopes of Switzerland will be your playground.”


Ok so I didn’t exactly go skiing but I had the lake to myself and had just rocked a massive party in the Alps.


Maybe next time I’ll get to ski.


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