Rushing Rocco

This piece is a bit of a mix of everything. The view is of Corbiere Lighthouse and Rocco Tower and on a clear day you’d be able to see my house just behind the riders head. Before we get carried away, I’ll like to point out that this is more of a homage to a street artist called Conor Harrington. The horse and rider have been taken from one of his pieces, however I’ve repainted from scratch and no existing image remains in this composition. However the initial composition is his, so I just leave it as that.

Rushing Rocco Tower

The rider is dressing in Militia uniform, carrying a message from Secrets to Rocco Tower. I imaging the message to be something like, “Northwesterly coming in with a four to five foot swell, Send word to town to bring longboards and a BBQ.”

Rocco Tower - detail


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