Project Snowflake

Here are a few working sketches from a recent freelance job I was working on for a film called Project Snowflake by Sasha C Damjanovski.

Lovers - Project Snowflake

Met Sasha through a mutual friend and we started talking films, and before I was half way through my pint we were on the subject of collaborating on his film project. Numbers were exchanged and that was that.

We arranged to meet again to talk business and were soon bouncing ideas around for fun. He wanted a poster and logo designing for his film project and after a good chat, I had a really good idea as to what needed to be done. He provided me with some artwork and I started coming up with different concepts.

Element 3D logos

My first experiments with the logo were also my biggest mistake. trying to get a design out of a computer. Jumping straight into Element 3D to see what the program could produce is not how you create a logo, and I should bloody know better.


Alt versions

So I started again, this time with a piece of paper and pen. My spider drawing had a slight resemblance of what I was trying to achieve so it was time to jump into illustrator and knock some sense into the design.


Project Snowflake Logo

I wanted the film title to also represent a corporate logo of sorts (no spoilers). It needed to portrait digital advancement with a clean medical feel.


Project Snowflake Poster

The final poster is a mix of my work and a 3D artists impression of New London (Spot St Paul’s Cathedral) I also added a level of polish to the model to make it feel more lived in and alive.


Project Snowflake Detail of New London



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