Bouncing Bussey part 2

One of the beautiful things about the Bussey building is it’s right on my doorstep. Ok so I don’t live in SE15 anymore, but I used to. I’ve had many a good night in this ol’ warehouse and Im sure I’ll be having many more. It’s a shame the crowd isn’t as diverse as the neighbourhood and I’ve heard many a time this place being described as a place for white kids to dance to black music. Truth is, it’s music for everyone and the diverse range of music certainly doesn’t fit into any racial stereotype or category.

Peckham Skyline

The head honcho is Mickey Smith AKA Jazheadcronic, and this is his Cronic Love Foundation. It still amazes me how many nights happen here not to mention all the other activities from theatre, cinema, spoken word and other various workshops. It really is a credit to Peckham, and we have Mickey to thank for it.

Bussey Flyers 01

Bussey Flyers 02

alcotraz and jazzheadcronic

DJ Andy Smith and DJ Format trying to out geek each other with rare 45’s and obscure B sides.

Andy Smith

DJ Blakey

DJ Blakey

Mark de Clive Lowe

Mark de Clive Lowe


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