Bump N Hustle

Back once again at the Bussey Building, Peckham.
This time supporting the mighty Norman Jay. Mr Notting Hill Carnival himself. No pressure then.
To be honest I was thrilled, honoured and privileged to be VJing for Norman Jay (MBE), but not nervous or intimidated. All I had to do was make sure I didn’t screw up and hope my equipment didn’t crash as the big bass lines crashed off the walls of the packed out Bussey building.

Norman Jay at the Bussey Building 2014

I was kind of expecting some chilled summer vibes and big crowd pleasers that he has rocked so many summer festivals with. I remember seeing him at the Big Chill years ago, everyone making sure they had supplies ready so as not to miss a beat. Lazy summer tunes floating over smiling faces. What he started his set with was banging Jungle. The crowd was already in a party mood after Mickey JazzheadCronic had set the tone, so I guess you can only go forward from there.

Bump N Hustle Music

His entourage were friendly as was he. Lots of smiles and back slaps, and never an empty drink. We had a few stage invaders who cheerfully dance there way behind the decks, to be cheerfully booted off by someone once we realised they were trying to get requests.

Norman Jay / Bussey Building

I had a bit of new material for the evening, but had to dig the crates to find something suitable for 90’s house floor fillers.

Alcotraz visuals with Norman Jay

It was a brilliant night and very hot. good thing we had some Jamaican rum and plenty of ice.

Alcotraz Visuals

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  1. Hey Dave,
    nice one mate… hows it going?
    Its Jaysen from agency.com

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