Acid Jazz Baby

Massive, Massive honour to play with James Taylor Quartet at the Bussey Building at the start of the year. One of my favourite bands as a kid and still funky as fuck.


The absolutely brilliant, hammond driven funkateers without equal – The James Taylor Quartet AKA JTQ. Delivering The Whole Funk and Nothing But The Funk. Live.

James Taylor Quartet - Peckham

This was the first time trying out my new camera, and quite frankly I was rather nervous as I’d not road tested it before the gig. In fact, it took about 10 minutes whist setting up to realise how to to focus the damn thing. I set the camera up to focus on the Hammond Organ, which made a massive difference on the night as people could actually see what Mr. Taylor was doing. I made multiple versions of the camera so I could switch from different setting during the gig without fear of crashing the software.


Regarding the treatment of the visuals, I kept it nice and funky, spending a few hours on image search reminiscing on old Acid Jazz record sleeves. I didn’t want to overpower the set with crazy video or modern motion graphics, because that’s just not the right bag. Instead, some nice mellow transitions and letting the camera do the work was all I needed to do. The camera was balanced on top of one of the speakers, so every now and then I’d have to jimmy across the stage to point it in the right direction.


It was good to see a different crowd at the Bussey Building that night, all the old Jazz heads had come out for an evening of funky hammond and retro grooves. And I made sure I had something up my sleeve too. When they dropped their party classic Starsky & Hutch, I dropped a video mash up of dastardly dustups and high speed car chases S&H style. Turns out the band appreciated that too. I was tempted to drop this one in too… Morecambe and Wise doing Starkers & Krutch but wasn’t too sure if they’d want me taking the piss too much.


Most of the evening I had a huge cheesy grin on my face. You don’t really expect to be on stage with your childhood heroes.


Trying to play it cool with my Acid Jazz flat cap look.


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