The Revolution will not be Televised


It was an honour and a privilege to be asked to do the visuals for the Brian Jackson Live Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron at the Bussey Building.
Featuring an International band of / a musical cross-section of like-minded souls: Brian Jackson (GSH’s Co-Composer), M1 (Dead Prez), Martin Luther (The Roots), Reggie Washington (Bass) and (Acousti-lectric Drummer) Marque Gilmore. With pre concert support handled by The Legendary Patrick Forge.
Invited by Mickey “Jazzheadchronic” Smith, I knew this was a performance close to many peoples hearts, and I was not going to drop the ball.


With less than 24 hours notice to prepare, it was going to be a challenge to find material that was going to complement this all-star tribute band.


This is how the show was advertised by

“The project is a collective celebration expanding upon the legendary Gil Scott-Heron’s music. A rare / once in a lifetime opportunity to see this collective live. A highly apt tribute to GSH one of the most influential artists of all time. Interpreted and re-presented by Brian Jackson – someone who new him better than anyone. Simply unmissable.

The seminal Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson & The Midnight Band were the forerunners of socially-conscious hip hop. Respected around the world (8+ million You Tube video views and growing as new fans discover the tunes) they continue to inspire with their music and message. This project is a powerful expression of that influence featuring covers and interpolations of Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson’s music.

Jackson, who really needs no introduction is a composer, musician, and producer with an impressive 30+ year career under his belt. Working with Gil Scott-Heron beginning in their early 20’s, as classmates, a longstanding collaboration was born producing some of the most fiercely poignant, politically charged, and significantly soulful albums of the seventies. Pieces of a Man, Free Will, Winter in America, First Minute of a New Day, From South Africa to South Carolina, It’s Your World, Bridges, Secrets and 1980 which are coveted by collectors and conscious-minded music fans alike.”


Lucky for me YouTube is packed with documentaries on Gil Scott-Heron, and footage of the great man was easy to come by. I also dug around a bit on to get footage of Detroit and Harlem in the 1970’s which, was also easy to get. I also created a range of visuals which were kind of Black Panther inspired without going too over board. After all I am “whitey”…


Rigging up a camera to the ceiling to get a birds eye view worked a treat. The weekend before when I’d played for James Taylor Quartet I had the camera resting on the speaker which buzzed all over the place. This time it was bang on the mark and looked amazing.


There will be no highlights on the eleven o’clock news.



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