Toy Cars

Everything is made up of basic shapes when you break it down. The more basic shapes you add together, the more complex the picture gets.


These trees and clouds for example are merely rounded cubes. They suit their environment because the scene is basic. It’s early days in the land of 3D and I’m not going to rush it.


Now I’m going to through in a few more shapes, see what happens.


It’s a toy car, in a 3D world. It doesn’t need to run on fuel, it could run on bubblegum. Even so, I think adding some bad ass exhaust pipes and grills is defiantly the way to go.


By making my little toy car, I came across quite a lot of obstacles with modelling in C4D Lite. The main one being how the program creates shapes and treats its polygons. There are no polygon editing tools in C4D Lite, which is a bit of a bitch, but since it is free software, you can’t expect everything. I started the car shape with an illustrator spline which I then extruded. However, cutting into and reshaping it became nearly impossible. But by subtracting different shapes through the spline, I eventually got what I was after, although it’s not a pretty poly.



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