Future City

This little project started out life as a few square blocks with some funky textures. I then added a reflective floor and suddenly, BOOM – It went all Tron. I resisted the temptation to emulate the movie, because firstly Im not good enough yet to create that level of 3D (But my Kung Fu is growing stronger), and secondly I just wanted to see what my imagination came up with.


I made a fair few mistakes in creating this landscape. The main one being how I tagged materials. To start with I was just throwing any material onto the models I was creating. Then I created more materials with slight variants and threw them onto more shapes. Before long I was locked into the Tron style because it was far too much work to untangle the materials and change the look. I kind of liked the look and feel of the project so, although I learnt a valuable lesson, I left it as it was.


I colour graded and added effects in Post with a few After Effects plugin-ins such as light streaks and flicker. Pushing up the neon and adding animated gifs as textures also really gave the composition a more futuristic feel.


Adding multiple cameras and creating different fly-throughs, disguised the scale of the city.


I added small scale details like steps, pipes, air con units and ramps to create an intricate interior. I began to realise that throwing all these details onto the models also meant that I need to keep my files nice and tidy. It’s so easy to get carried away in the moment and leave a trail of destruction for the next time you open a file. Keeping things together also means I can reuse some of the element in other projects, just incase I want to revisit Tron again when my Kung Fu gets stronger….


Duplicating models and messing with their dimensions helped build up the city. I admit to using one freebee model from Pixel-labs. Ok it was two.


I pimped up my car from my toy car project. Gave it a fly set of hub caps and some neon trim.


Next step I think is to add some more racing cars, drones and movement and see what it looks like. At the end of the day, a future city is gonna be buzzing, with drones dropping off pizzas and shit all over the place. Might even get a Zeppelin in there to.



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