The Plight Of The Humble Bee


There has been a lot going on in the media (unfortunately not the main steam media), about the worldwide decimation of bee colonies. This has been brought on almost entirely by the overuse of pesticides and most specifically Neonicotinoids, which the bees unwittingly ingest whilst going about their business of pollenating the worlds crops and flora. If … Continue reading

Future City

Future City

This little project started out life as a few square blocks with some funky textures. I then added a reflective floor and suddenly, BOOM – It went all Tron. I resisted the temptation to emulate the movie, because firstly Im not good enough yet to create that level of 3D (But my Kung Fu is … Continue reading

3D Sketchbook

Here is the first of hopefully many 3D reels. It’s not really about making a showreel as I have a very long way to go before I can call myself a 3D artist, but overtime I will see progress. It is when you see progression that makes you want to progress more. All of the … Continue reading

Toy Cars

Everything is made up of basic shapes when you break it down. The more basic shapes you add together, the more complex the picture gets. These trees and clouds for example are merely rounded cubes. They suit their environment because the scene is basic. It’s early days in the land of 3D and I’m not … Continue reading


Rubato - Main Title

Recently I was asked to come aboard a project with some old friends of mine. I’d done visuals for these guys in their previous carnation “Zej”, and had also worked on an experimental video for them for this project.Prelude With Attitude To explain, the project is a crossover of Classical music with Electronica, however unlike … Continue reading

Prelude with Attitude

Mir Ball

Recently I was asked if I’d like to make a music video. It was for a classical piece by Rachmaninoff with a modern dub-step style arrangement. I had the freedom to interoperate the track as I pleased so started to dismantle it to see what worked. I started playing around with audio reactive circles that … Continue reading

Digital Fireworks

I was asked to build a digital fireworks display for the finale of JerseyLive (2013). I thought this was a pretty cool challenge and was keen to animate it to music to get full effect of the fireworks. Blasted out over a festival sound system would have been epic. After discussion with the organisers, who … Continue reading

Family Guy Viral

butt scratcher

It’s unstoppable. It can’t be stopped. It’s reached 20 million and it’s not letting up. Some of my favourite quotes…. “Anyone else high?” “I was expecting 150 seconds of “IN YOUR FACE! IN YOUR FACE!” “I’m sitting here watching this while I’m naked.” To celebrate my Family Guy Viral video reaching 10 million views, I’ve … Continue reading

Another dimension

Finally had time to play with my new toy. Element 3D from VideoCopilot is an After Effects plug-in that let you edit, build and manipulate 3D objects in real time. I haven’t even scratched the surface yet, but I’m liking what I see. Since I’m not a 3D modeller, this is a nice way to … Continue reading

Lost and Lookin’ in NYC

Elements 3D and the floating pyramid.

EVER HAD THE FEELING THAT THE WORLDS GONE, AND LEFT YOU BEHIND? This animation started life as part of a VJ loop for the Secret Garden Party. Inspired by Jorgen Leth’s The Perfect Human, it bagan as an experiment in simple video manipulation. Isolating the original footage took a bit of time as the footage … Continue reading