Dead Legends

It’s been a tough few years for many of us, what with the Tories and Brexit. It’s been even tougher to handle especially when so many legends have spun off this moral coil. It was relentless…. Lemmy, the indestructible godfather set the ball rolling, (obviously he wasn’t the first, but if you’re going to start … Continue reading

Project Snowflake

Project Snowflake Poster

Here are a few working sketches from a recent freelance job I was working on for a film called Project Snowflake by Sasha C Damjanovski. Met Sasha through a mutual friend and we started talking films, and before I was half way through my pint we were on the subject of collaborating on his film … Continue reading

Get the paints out

It’s time for a rebrand. Been messing with my identity recently. Nothing new, but this time I’ve got the crayons out.


horaizan flyers

Now this was a long time ago. My first ever flyers. Man I must have been doing some weird drugs back then. Still remember the day when the box of flyers arrived at my place. Everyone seemed to love them….as book marks. Truth is I’ve still got a few of these as bookmarks. (The ones … Continue reading

Anaglyph Specs

Every now and then you get thrown something that’s pretty cool to work on. I’d always thought stereographics were great, from the classic comic books that came with 3D glasses, to the early experiments in cinema. (Some of which was utter bollocks.) So setting about building a 3D intro was a bit of a challenge. … Continue reading


wanker banker

I recently had a friend over to visit and thought I’d show him a different side to London from the bland well trodden streets that tourist know so well. With a camera full of pictures of Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and a other random postcard-esque scenery we set off. Now this kind of thing was … Continue reading

File Structure Diagram

detail 01

I recently restructured the file structure at my work place, to hopefully make it more efficient and easy to navigate. To help illustrate how the file structure worked, I decided that visual representation was the most practical way to explain it. Here are the results. All copy has been removed.

design catacombs

red dave

It’s funny when you open an old folder in an old hard drive and wham.

reel 2 real

I’ve recently been working on our company showreel and as usual I’ve been trying something different. This time I base it on a pivotal camera rig with Trapcode’s Horizon as the background. This did however cause all sorts of headaches with camera angles, lights and positions. Since the camera was constantly moving around a central … Continue reading

Substance Showreel 2010

Substance Showreel

This is the showreel I built for Substance001 to highlight some of our recent work. I based the concept around floating and revolving panels to get away from a linear presentation style. There was a lot of time remapping going on in order to get as much in as possible. It’s amazing to see how … Continue reading