Aviary - An audio visualisation of urban birdsong.

The disruptive sound of the jet engine rips through the sky, drowning out nature‚Äôs chorus as it welcomes the dawn. As the streets come to life and the buzz of traffic and sirens swallows our audio landscape, the singing is pushed into the background and we march on, busy in our own lives and lost … Continue reading

Painting Galaxies

Painting Galaxies

This was an experimental video I created to break out of my digital comfort zone. Over the previous few months I was aware that all my content, although usually stemming from a pen and paper sketch, went straight to the computer, where I would mould and shape the idea into something. There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading

Project Snowflake #2

Back once again with da ill behaviour. Just messing around with the project Snowflake logo I made a while back. Came across this toon effect which I love, so really was just having a bit of fun with what I can do. C4D Lite comes with a few plug-ins, just to whet the appetite. These … Continue reading

Glass Flowers

glass flower

So I finally dipped my toes into the world of 3D. Why I didn’t start earlier, I have no idea. Oh wait, I do, the cost of C4D, and Im too much of a pussy to get a cracked version. I’ve tried Modo and Blender and Element3D, all of which are amazing programs, but I … Continue reading

Bone Heads

Element 3D skull experiment 01

It’s been a long time since I last updated my blog, and for that I am sorry. I have (you’ll be glad to hear) been busy starting up as a freelancer and not incarcerated or looking at the world through the bottom of a bottle. Although I have been enjoying the insurgence of craft beers … Continue reading

Battles of the Future

Some more messing around with generative art and flash. In these images I’ve used simple dates to power the animations. By changing a few variables the outcome is wildly altered. Just like war, but here no one dies. Explanation and key to follow shortly.

Flower to the Power of n

flower image

Here is a bit more experimenting with Apophysis and photoshop. Could spend hours tweaking and blending to get to a place where Im happy with a final image. But really Im just sketching so best not to get too precious. Mixed in a bit of street art for some texture and to break up the … Continue reading

Rushing Rocco

Rushing Rocco Tower

This piece is a bit of a mix of everything. The view is of Corbiere Lighthouse and Rocco Tower and on a clear day you’d be able to see my house just behind the riders head. Before we get carried away, I’ll like to point out that this is more of a homage to a … Continue reading

Liberation Jersey

Liberation Square, Jersey - Detail

In the heart of Liberation Square, Jersey, there is a statue to commemorate the Liberation of the island from the Nazi’s. I chose this as the starting point for this digital painting as it represents so much to the Island. Also having already done a piece on the battle of Jersey I thought I’d keep … Continue reading

Rebirth of the Universe

Fractal flame 04

Below are a series of fractal explorations. Exploring fractals is kind of like discovering the secrets of the universes, drunk with power and void of responsibility. The results are merely a manifestation of adding this with that and hoping it all comes together in the end.