Painting Galaxies

Painting Galaxies

This was an experimental video I created to break out of my digital comfort zone. Over the previous few months I was aware that all my content, although usually stemming from a pen and paper sketch, went straight to the computer, where I would mould and shape the idea into something. There’s nothing wrong with … Continue reading


Rubato - Main Title

Recently I was asked to come aboard a project with some old friends of mine. I’d done visuals for these guys in their previous carnation “Zej”, and had also worked on an experimental video for them for this project.Prelude With Attitude To explain, the project is a crossover of Classical music with Electronica, however unlike … Continue reading

The Revolution will not be Televised

Gil Scott-Heron Tribute

It was an honour and a privilege to be asked to do the visuals for the Brian Jackson Live Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron at the Bussey Building. Featuring an International band of / a musical cross-section of like-minded souls: Brian Jackson (GSH’s Co-Composer), M1 (Dead Prez), Martin Luther (The Roots), Reggie Washington (Bass) and (Acousti-lectric … Continue reading

Acid Jazz Baby

James Taylor Quartet

Massive, Massive honour to play with James Taylor Quartet at the Bussey Building at the start of the year. One of my favourite bands as a kid and still funky as fuck. The absolutely brilliant, hammond driven funkateers without equal – The James Taylor Quartet AKA JTQ. Delivering The Whole Funk and Nothing But The … Continue reading

Good Times – Again

Norman Jay - Bussey Building

Back once again with Mr.GoodTimes, Norman Jay MBE. Playing party classics and and balancing and enormous hat quite effortlessly. Turns out he’s a massive Tottenham Hotspur supporter. Great man, just got greater. Playing it though to the early hours with Mickey Jazzheadchronic.

Bump N Hustle

Bump & Hustle

Back once again at the Bussey Building, Peckham. This time supporting the mighty Norman Jay. Mr Notting Hill Carnival himself. No pressure then. To be honest I was thrilled, honoured and privileged to be VJing for Norman Jay (MBE), but not nervous or intimidated. All I had to do was make sure I didn’t screw … Continue reading

Bouncing Bussey part 2

Bussey Flyers 01

One of the beautiful things about the Bussey building is it’s right on my doorstep. Ok so I don’t live in SE15 anymore, but I used to. I’ve had many a good night in this ol’ warehouse and Im sure I’ll be having many more. It’s a shame the crowd isn’t as diverse as the … Continue reading

At the waters edge

Festival Au Bord De L'eau

Festival Weekend Au Bord de L’eau. Invited back to play this wonderful boutique festival in Sierre Switzerland. Tucked away in the mountains and backing up onto a beautiful lake (Lake Geronde) this festival is a real treasure. Great lineup and welcoming friendly crew made this festival a high light of my summer. My journey to … Continue reading

Back to the Alps

African Head

So I didn’t do too bad a job the last time I was in Switzerland because I got asked back. This was a quick three day tour of Sierre and Lausanne, involving inflatable screens, old cinemas and the Hacienda. First up was Sierre, and the inflatable screen. Set in the heart of the town and … Continue reading

Lost and Lookin’ in NYC

Elements 3D and the floating pyramid.

EVER HAD THE FEELING THAT THE WORLDS GONE, AND LEFT YOU BEHIND? This animation started life as part of a VJ loop for the Secret Garden Party. Inspired by Jorgen Leth’s The Perfect Human, it bagan as an experiment in simple video manipulation. Isolating the original footage took a bit of time as the footage … Continue reading