Aviary - An audio visualisation of urban birdsong.

The disruptive sound of the jet engine rips through the sky, drowning out nature‚Äôs chorus as it welcomes the dawn. As the streets come to life and the buzz of traffic and sirens swallows our audio landscape, the singing is pushed into the background and we march on, busy in our own lives and lost … Continue reading

Battles of the Future

Some more messing around with generative art and flash. In these images I’ve used simple dates to power the animations. By changing a few variables the outcome is wildly altered. Just like war, but here no one dies. Explanation and key to follow shortly.

Disco Wallpaper

Zen Masters

So it had to have started somewhere. Returning to London after a 5 year absence, I meet up with friends who where doing what they were doing at College, putting on parties. My DJ skills never really blossomed so when I was asked to create some visuals for one of the nights, I jumped at … Continue reading

Generative art

generative art 01

A selection from a series of pieces, using a combination of actionscript and photoshop. This final image show the initial shape, which is then captured to create the more completed pieces show above. Every time I run the program, a new and unique image is created, leaving infinite outcomes.